Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for 3DS won’t support online play

As most of you know by now, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is heading to both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. While the WIi U version will use the official Nintendo Network servers, it has been confirmed that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the Nintendo 3DS will not support online play.

On the official Capcom Unity forums, a Capcom admit stated there were "no plans for online mode on the 3DS version."

Senior vice president of planning and development Christian Svensson added, "I'd have loved to have seen online as well for 3DS but it twas not to be. Sorry."

In a follow up post, Svensson confirmed that at some point in time Capcom will be shutting down the Monster Hunter Tri servers, which are hosted by KDDI in Japan. At this point, he doesn't believe save transfers from Wii to Wii U or 3DS will be possible.

As for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the Wii U, Svennson is not quite sure on the specifics of the Nintendo Network.

"Obviously, cross territory network performance even if matching is possible, could have issues. For Wii U we're using Nintendo's servers (which I'm very happy about) and I'm not sure how they're set up," he admitted. "Candidly, we're still waiting for Wii U builds in our office to play with and there's still many moving parts that no one except for the team members has first hand experience with at this point."

"We have six months until release (roughly). We'll have a lot more detail on these and other questions (most of which we DO know the answers to) as we move through the communications/marketing campaign and run-up to launch," Svensson concluded.