Monopoly Streets DLC Available Now

Today seems to be DLC Day, as even Monopoly Streets has received a batch of DLC. Unlike Ubisoft and Microsoft however, EA’s not giving any of this away; it’ll cost ya. Which is ironic, as Streets was already pretty slim on content to begin with.

Stratosphere City Board
Experience a futuristic floating metropolis in this new City location for MONOPOLY Streets. (560 MSP/$6.99 PSN)

Championship Board
The 2009 MONOPOLY World Championships were held in Las Vegas and this board recreates the look and excitement of that setting, so you too can feel like a MONOPOLY champion! (240 MSP/ $2.99PSN)

Horse and Rider Token
This friendly Jockey carries a trophy of his favorite race horse as he travels through MONOPOLY Streets. (80 MSP/$0.99 PSN)

Rocking Horse Token
This young lady is a trained equestrian rider that loves to gallop on her Rocking Horse throughout MONOPOLY Streets. (80 MSP/$0.99 PSN)

Cannon Token
This soldier vigilantly marches through MONOPOLY Streets and brings his trusty cannon everywhere he goes. (80 MSP/$0.99 PSN)

Considering the game launched with a limited selection of tokens and a mere two city boards to choose from, nickel and diming fans after the fact seems pretty slimy. I discarded my copy long ago in favor of the earlier Xbox 360 version of Monopoly. Is it too late to release DLC for that one?