Mojang releases Minecraft Snapshot 12w21b

In response to an "annoying bug" that made it hard to play Minecraft in single-player, Mojang has released a snapshot update.

"There are still problems, but we're getting there," Minecraft lead developer Jens Bergensten said.

The Minecraft Snapshot 12w21b adds the following:

We added a new creative mode inventory screen, please let us know what you think (target @Dinnerbone or @EvilSeph)! We also updated the language files to correct the diamond/emerald mix-up in the language files (diamonds were previously called emerald in the code, which caused a lot of confusion when we added a real emerald item). We had to ban another translator for griefing… it’s astonishing how much work some people put into these things… 🙂

You can download the updated snapshot here:

Meanwhile, it was revealed today that Minecraft on PC has surpassed 6 million copies sold.