Modern Warfare 3 Elite DLC dated for PS3

Activision's Dan Amrich revealed the release dates for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's Elite DLC on the PlayStation 3. 

Content drop 3 – the Overwatch MP map – is due March 29th for PS3 Elite premium members, with the most recently released drops (4, 5, and 6) looking like they will follow close behind.

The newest content, which was released on Xbox 360 earlier this week, contains the Black Box multiplayer map as well as Special Ops missions: Negotiator and Black Ice.  This DLC drop will land on PS3 for Elite premium members "on or around April 12th".

Furthermore, Amrich explained that Activision couldn't commit to a specific date for the most recent MW3 drops because the "exact posting time for PSN DLC is up to Sony, since they run and update the PlayStation Store."

Because of this, Activision can't promise a date because they don't update the digital stores.

"I think of it as if Activision is Pepsi and Sony is the grocery store; we deliver the fizzy water, but they actually run the checkout line," he explained.

Either way, Overwatch looks like it's set to hit PS3 for Premium members on March 29th.  You can keep track of all of the planned Modern Warfare 3 DLC through the Content Calendar, though most PS3 releases say "coming soon".