Modern Warfare 3: Collection #4 ‘Final Assault’ now available for all on Xbox 360

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's final DLC pack — Collection #4: Final Assault — is now on sale on Xbox LIVE for Xbox 360. The add-on, which was released earlier for Call of Duty: Elite premium subscribers, is now available for all Xbox 360 owners.

Tailored to "hardcore multiplayer fans", Final Assault includes five multiplayer maps.

"Gulch" sends combatants into a forgotten mining town with mine shafts and equipment sheds for cover.  In "Boardwalk," fun in the sun on the Jersey Shore means facing enemies on the beach.  "Offshore" and "Decommission" will test players' sea legs on deadly oceanic oil rigs and among a maze of rotting ocean liners respectively. Rounding out the collection is a trip to the French Quarter in a war-torn New Orleans, where "Parish" pits players against one another amidst the city's rubble.

The last pack costs 1200 Microsoft Points, and also marks the end of Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer's year-long Modern Warfare 3 DLC calendar. PS3 and PC owners can expect the content at a later date as per the exclusive agreement Activision and Microsoft have with Call of Duty.