Modern-military FPS World War 3 gets new publisher as it relaunches

It'll stay true to its original vision

The Farm 51 has announced a new publishing partnership with MY.GAMES. This comes as the developer is planning a massive overhaul of their PC-only multiplayer shooter World War 3. MY.GAMES will help The Farm 51 from their experience in other online-shooters like Warface.

World War 3 originally launched on PC way back in 2018. The influences of the ambitions were immediately apparent for anyone who played DICE’s shooters using the same modern-military setting. Back then it was viewed as a direct stab at Battlefield 3/4. And indeed, World War 3 was astonishing from a content perspective and visual standpoint. By pitting players in a titular World War between various global powers, the stakes were higher than ever before.

With the core gameplay being near complete, we want to focus on making sure the game is as fun and playable as possible. While we have been constantly working on this during the Early Access phase, with more and more features being completed, we can put more resources and people into the polishing work that needs to be done. Fixing bugs and polishing, balancing and overall optimization are things that will benefit the most from the additional time we have thanks to our partnership with MY.GAMES.

But the game ultimately failed to amass a large enough player base which is crucial for an online shooter. A general lack of polish also did not help. And that’s exactly where MY.GAMES comes in.

As a publisher who has several popular online shooters under its umbrella, the company is going to assist The Farm 51 in overhauling their game. As there is a gem already but only needs more work and some changes, this sounds very promising for the future of World War 3.

In a dev blog post, Project Lead Kamil Bilczyński happily shares that all creative control remains with the developer. Something they valued among anything else. Bilczyński further shared the roadmap of his game for 2020. And it sounds very promising. Players can look forward to a swath of new content in the form of new maps, vehicles, weapons, and much more. UI & HUD is getting a massive redesign, as is weapon customization. And the entire progression system is getting a rework. All this will culminate in the relaunch of World War 3 sometime later this year.