Modders brings Tracer from Overwatch to Street Fighter 5

Will she still bring the cavalry?

Overwatch is taking the gaming world by storm, especially the female cast of it, and now a modder has brought Tracer to Street Fighter V via modding.

It seems like everyone is in love with Overwatch, including us, and now modder THEJAMK has made a mod, or rather a skin, for Street Fighter V that changes Cammy from her usual look to Tracer. There is also a gameplay video of Tracer in action, which can be viewed above.

Some might have though it would have been more fun to change R.Mika to Tracer since both R.Mika and Tracer made a lot of people who don't play games angry with the developers since they both had promiscuous butt poses, but since Cammy has the British accent it probably made more sense to change those two instead.