Mobster-strategy sim Empire of Sin gets delayed to Fall

The hustle has to wait

Romero Games have announced the delay of their upcoming strategy title Empire of Sin. The new release window for it has been pushed into fall later this year. The news came via Brenda Romero, the game director.

When Empire of Sin was unveiled just last year and it caught gaming aficionados by surprise. Not only is the setting of a 1920s crime-ridden Chicago of it rather uncommon in games, but it’s developed by Romero Games. The small gaming studio by the husband-wife duo John and Brenda Romero. Yes, that John Romero. One of the masterminds behind the original Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM and Quake.

Empire of Sin, the strategy game from Romero Games and Paradox Interactive, puts you at the heart of the ruthless criminal underworld of 1920s Prohibition-era Chicago. It’s up to you to hustle, charm and intimidate your way to the top of the pile and do whatever it takes to stay there. This character-driven game puts players smack dab in the glitz and glamor of roaring 20s all while having them work behind the scenes in the gritty underbelly of organized crime.

Obviously, that fact alone makes Empire of Sin a game to watch out for, even if it’s a totally different genre than what Romero is usually known for. EoS has the luxury of not being self-published and instead is backed by Paradox Interactive which gives Romero Games the chance to create the best possible product. And that’s exactly why the game has now been delayed. In favor of quality over speed, gamers will have to wait a little while longer. It’s a very understandable decision, especially when one considers how John Romero’s infamous Daikatana went into the annals of gaming history. Hopefully, Empire of Sin will become the return to the mainstream for the legendary game designer.