Mobile Hit Doodle Jump Gets Kinect Port

I haven’t been the biggest supporter of Kinect for Xbox 360. For the most part, the library of games released thus far caters to the exact same crowd that Xbox 360 owners initially criticized. With that said, you can now add a second pick to my list of intriguing upcoming Kinect games (the first is The Gunstringer).

Indie developer Lima Sky’s mobile hit Doodle Jump is currently en route to Xbox 360 Kinect, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t extremely interested. Though I’ve never played the original mobile version of the game, Doodle Jump is a great example of motivation in mobile gaming, something not seen in the dozens of lackluster releases before it. Offering fun tilt controls and simple yet engaging platforming gameplay, Doodle Jump is the type of game that seems fitting for a home console or handheld.

Lima Sky hasn’t released any details regarding the game yet, so its price point and launch date are still unknown. Additionally, no details have surfaced regarding the manner in which the game will be played. Will gamers have to jump to control the main character? Will they be required to tilt their bodies to replace the original controls of the game? It’s already fun just thinking about it!

In addition to the Kinect port of Doodle Jump, Lima Sky will be celebrating the game’s two-year anniversary with a bundle of surprises. An update for the iPhone version of the game will incorporate a multiplayer mode. An iPad version will also be released in the near future. And if that wasn’t enough, promotional toys and comic books are also planned.