Mobile Gaming Now Legit As GameStop Plans To Sell iPhone, iPad, and iPod

The argument that mobile gaming is not a legit form of gaming is officially dead. Perhaps the last legit argument gamers had against mobile gaming was squashed with the announcement that GameStop will now sell the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. GameStop has made the push into the tablet and mobile gaming market with an announcement at an annual trade show in Las Vegas this past week. As of this week, GameStop began acception iOS device trade-ins for in-store credits (select stores only). How much is the iPhone 3G worth?

Does anybody else see the problem with this? It’s not the fact that mobile games are not as in-depth or graphically advanced as console games. In fact, I definitely consider Angry Birds and Tiny Wings to be just as “gamey” as, let’s say, L.A. Noire (and definitely more challenging), but they don’t belong in GameStop.

That’s all we need now, for GameStop to become the next hangout for middle school teens posing for pictures to upload to their MySpace (Is that still around?)