Mobile Amusements Release Binary Finary Chart Quest

April 21, 2008

Mobile Amusements Release Binary Finary Chart

Become a trance music legend and reach No.1
via your mobile phone!

Take on the roles of Matt and Stu of Binary
Finary and reach for chart fame starting from just simple beginnings and
decisions as the player attempts to work their way up to the chance to hit the
No.1 chart spot and also aquire kudos, fame and fortune!

On the quest you will have to arrange live
venues, work with promoters, arrange record deals, deal with other band members,
fans and of course the general ups and downs of the music industry in order to
reach trance music superstardom.

Available in both paid and ad-wrap forms shortly.


  • Official Binary Finary Theme!
  • Interactive Characters!
  • Realistic Gameplay Scenarios!
  • One thumb GUI Interface!
  • Stylish Graphics!
  • Best High Fans Score!