Mobile game Jack Lumber now chopping on Steam

Jack Lumber, a game about a man who's out to kick some tree ass, arrived on Steam today for about $5.

Sega and developer Owlchemy Labs launched the game on iOS in August 2012. It's the first to participate in Sega's publishing initiative Sega Alliance, which supports games by indie developers — think Sony's Pub Fund, only for mobile.

Owlchemy also made iOS and PC/Mac title Snuggle Truck.

The PC and Mac versions of Jack Lumber cost just a couple dollars more than their iOS counterpart, but Owlchemy seems to be going alone for this release. The game's Steam page lists it as both developer and publisher — no mention of Sega to be found.

Early this year, studio founder Alex Schwartz told Indie Statik that "working with publishers has been a big experiment, and so far it hasn’t been financially successful for Owlchemy.”

He added, "Sega did a good job attempting to market and support Jack Lumber. Right now, our iOS platform sales are much lower than expected.”

Schwartz also announced the studio's plans to try out other, multiple platforms that "don’t involve a publisher."

Where this kind of performance leaves the future of Sega Alliance, though, is uncertain.

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