MMORPG Red War Enters Open Beta

June 29, 2009

Red War Enters Open Beta

The MMORPG Offers Daily PVP
Tournaments, Castle Sieges And Much More at

Uforia announced today that it will
begin the Open Beta Test for Red War: Edem’s Curse starting at 6 PM PDT.

Red War is an exciting free-to-play
online MMORPG which takes gamers through the worlds of Meltya and Alies. Gamers
can choose from three classes as they battle the dark forces of Qelian and the
inhabitants of Meltya and attempt to prevent their peaceful world of Alies from
being overtaken.

The Open Beta provides players with
countless hours of fun and plenty of opportunities to meet new friends as they
explore several new maps and battle new monsters that have been added since the
last beta session. There is also a host of exciting events that will give
players many chances at winning unique prizes that they will be able to use
during the Open Beta period and beyond.

Players also will not have to
contend with any character wipes as is often the case in many games. The
characters that the players create will be permanent.

"We recently completed a very
successful closed beta where we had hundreds of players from all over the world
experience the game and provide some thoughtful feedback," said Mike Min, Game
Operations Producer. "Now we are opening up the game to even more players to
come and experience the world of Red War."