MLG Winter Championships: MarineKing wins StarCraft II

Last night, Korean Terran player MarineKing, known to some as Reddit's champion, took down DongRaeGu to take the MLG Winter Championship in Starcraft 2. He faced some extremely stiff competition along the way, but won convincingly not losing a single match in the entire tournament, and only dropping 2 games in said matches (versus DongRaeGu and Ganzi respectively). He took home $25,000 dollars for first place – not a bad paycheck for a weekend of Starcraft. 

Check out the rest of the standings below, keeping in mind the following prize pool:

Prize Money


1st Place: $25,000

2nd Place: $15,000

3rd Place: $9,000

4th Place: $5,500

5th/6th Place: $3,500 each

7th/8th Place: $2,250 each

9th- 12th Place: $1,500 each

13th-16th Place: $1,000 each


Winter Championship Travel


Players finishing 1st-8th in the Winter Championship are entitled to an all-expense paid trip, including flight and a four night hotel stay, to the Spring 8-Player Arena.

1 MarineKing
3 Heart
4 Huk
5-6 Parting
5-6 Ganzi
7-8 Violet
7-8 Naniwa
9 MC
10 Alive
11 Socke
12 JYP
13-16 Ret
13-16 Sase
13-16 TheStC
13-16 Polt
17-20 Golden
17-20 Haypro
17-20 Oz
17-20 CrazyMoving
21-24 Rain
21-24 Select
21-24 Demuslim
21-24 KawaiiRice
25-28 Thorzain
25-28 Grubby
25-28 Puma
25-28 Ostojiy
29-32 DdoRo
29-32 HasuObs
29-32 Idra
29-32 Axslav