MLB 14 The Show warms up with a launch trailer

In just a few short days, Major League Baseball fans will soon get their hands on the latest iteration of the sport's best video game franchise, MLB 14 The Show. Looking to warm up and stretch out the ol' throwing arm before the game's April 1 launch, Sony has release a brand new launch trailer for the PS3 version of the game. The trailer specifically highlights this year's improvements, including Quick Counts and Player Lock, two additions that aim to speed up gameplay. 

The trailer also draws to our attention the game's cross-platform save capabilities. Because MLB 14: The Show releases first on PS3 and Vita, you'll be able to start your season on the last-gen version and finish it on PS4. We've reached out to Sony regarding any plans for an upgrade promotion and will update you when we hear back.

MLB 14 The Show is due out on April 1 for PS3 and Vita, and May 6 for PS4. Although today's trailer is for the PS3 version, you can check out some stunning screenshots from the PS4 version here.