MLB 14 The Show Diamond Dynasty ‘Extra Innings’ revealed

Last week, Sony detailed Extra Innings, a new feature in MLB 14 The Show's Diamond Dynasty mode that offers a "whole new way to compete against other players." Basically, it ensures that your team is always ready to compete in an "offline setting," meaning if you are away from your PlayStation other players can challenge your AI-controlled team. Similarly, you can do the same with other offline players.

"When online, you'll have the opportunity to challenge other user-created teams in offline games where the AI controls their team. The next time that user logs in, he will see how his team fared against you," explained Sony producer Ramone Russell. In addition to seeing stats from the game, the offline player can earn bonus rewards.

The feature will make use of the new Universal Profile Tendency Tracking, a system that attempts to replicate your play style. "Whether you run on the base paths, play a lot of small ball, or pepper the strike zone, other players will get a good sense of your on-field personality even when you're not behind the controller," Russell added.

Russell noted that when the AI controls your team, your players do not accrue stats or lose games. If you are the one challenging an offline user, however, you players stats will be recorded and you will lose games just like if they played a game against the MLB AI. While the system will replicate your play style, I do have some concerns about the skill in which it'll control your sure. Sure, it may imitate your tendencies, but does it also take into account your individual skill? 

I suppose we'll find out soon enough. MLB 14 The Show is due out for PS3 and Vita on April 1. The PS4 version comes a month later on May 6. Check out a few other new features of this year's The Show, including Quick Counts and Player Lock.

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