MLB 12: The Show Details, Release Date Leaked

Baseball season is still a few months away, but that hasn't stopped retail giant Best Buy from posting some details about MLB 12: The Show. Posted on Best Buy's online site, the MLB 12: The Show game now has a product synopsis along with some features in the game.

Like last year's game, MLB 12 will still be PlayStation Move compatible.  As for new features, nothing especially innovative sticks out.  They do say that "new features" will take your game to never-before-seen levels, but don't go into much detail.


They duck into the dugout as mere mortals, cleated, capped and humming with anticipation. But as the National Anthem echoes across the stadium, the lights blaze into life and the umpire squats behind the plate, something changes. Men no longer, the players — whether they be wearing pinstripes, red or blue — become legends, the embodiments of what it means to seek glory. Baseball is not just a pastime — it's the epic saga that holds all of America in its grasp. Do you have what it takes to step up to the plate and claim your stake in baseball history?

Each year, only one MLB team earns the title of a champion. And each year, only one sports game scores the highest ratings in the world. That game is The Show. Calling you off the bench with ultrarealistic gameplay, intense season-long campaigns and the nitty-gritty details of the MLB experience, the highest-rated sports video game has forever revolutionized the way you see America's pastime — and it's about to do it again. Immerse yourself in gameplay that goes deeper than ever before in MLB 12: The Show. The latest generation of the gaming phenomenon takes you the closest you can get to real-life game-day action, with innovative new features never before seen in a sports game. Pair up the game with your PlayStation Move, and feel the intensity of every crack of the bat and reach for the catch like you're truly in the stadium. Discover if you have the endurance and the skills to make it to the top in authentic franchise and season modes that bring the rigors of Major League Baseball to life, or forge intense team rivalries with your friends in multiplayer challenges. Get up off the bench — The Show is back on.


  • Heighten your experience on the diamond as you swing into the latest addition to the revolutionary franchise that delivered the highest-rated sports video game four years in a row
  • Get up-close and personal with the MLB in detailed, true-to-life gameplay that rivals the action in the stadium
  • Swing the bat at exactly the right angle to drive the ball to the opposite field and dive to snag dropping line drives in the outfield, using your PlayStation Move to fully experience every hit, pitch and catch
  • Use innovative new features to take your game to never-before-seen levels
  • Team up with your friends or forge intense rivalries in multiplayer modes
  • For 1 to 4 players
  • Feel the pressure of training, game day and Major League trades as you fight your way toward the Hall of Fame in authentic franchise and season modes

Best Buy has also listed a release date of March 6, 2012, though this may just be a placeholder.  Reported last month, Red Sox first baseman, Adrian Gonzalez, will grace the cover of this year's game.