Miyamoto Never Thought the First Zelda Would Go Mainstream

In a recent Iwata Asks feature, Shigeru Miyamoto went into detail about his initial expectations for The Legend of Zelda on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Admittedly, he never imagined that the genre would attract such a massive and loyal fan base. “When I was making The Legend of Zelda, it was very plain,” stated Miyamoto.

Despite its visuals, The Legend of Zelda on the NES was quite revolutionary for its time and it kicked off one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises, which in turn spawned many sequels and several imitations. “I didn’t think that genre would be seen as something so mainstream,” continued Miyamoto. “I really didn’t expect the response I got when I first made The Legend of Zelda. A world of swords and magic wasn’t really considered mainstream at the time.”

During the interview, Miyamoto compared The Legend of Zelda to the Nintendo 3DS launch title Steel Diver. According to the Zelda creator, Steel Diver and The Legend of Zelda are “both plain.” He iterated that while both games have a plain look and design, both focus on providing a fun experience for gamers. “I believe they’re the same in the way that they’re both something fun. It’s just a matter of presentation to get more people interested in it.”

Though the similarities between The Legend of Zelda and Steel Diver end there, it’s going to be interesting to see how North American 3DS consumers react to the launch game when they play it. It’s doubtful that it will have the same impact as the legendary quest of the young boy who saves a princess and defeats the king of evil, but it probably will have a loyal following.