Missing Rayman Legends Vita levels promised as free DLC, coming ‘at a later date’

A NeoGaf report regarding the absence of 28 “Invasion Levels” in the PS Vita version of Rayman Legends sparked Internet outrage Sunday. According to Gary Steinman, Ubisoft’s Communications Manager, the feature was left out of the Vita version due to development time, but that the developer is in the works to bring all 28 levels to Vita for free at a “later date.”

"Due to a longer development time than expected, we couldn't initially include the Invasion Mode – essentially, a second take on existing Rayman Legends maps — in the Vita version of the game," Steinman explained in a CVG report.

"However, we can confirm that the Invasion Mode will be added via a free patch, at a later date," he added.

If for some odd reason you were on the fence of buying Rayman Legends, let this news push you over to the good side – or the fact that it scored an “Epic” 10 from us here at GameZone. 

Source: [CVG]