Minority announces Papo & Yo for Steam and new game Silent Enemy

Today Minority Media's creative director, Vander Caballero, made two announcements regarding his studio's games.

First, Papo & Yo — the Sony Pub Fund game that explores issues of child abuse and alcoholism through a cultural and artistic lens — is coming to Steam, according to Game Informer. It will be available for PC starting April 18. Originally, it arrived on the PlayStation Network in August of last year.

Caballero also announced a new project called Silent Enemy, an adventure game that's due later this year for iOS and possibly other platforms. It will deal with the subject of bullying. The idea came from Minority's design director Ruben Farrus, who was a victim as a child.

The game is set in an endless winter, and players employ different abilities — shapeshifting and enlisting the help of nature spirits, for example — to progress and find a way to bring back spring.

Minority will no doubt handle the theme with delicacy and care. Papo & Yo has earned reams of praise for its telling.

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