Miniclip.Com Explodes To World: #1 In Online Games.

Miniclip.Com Explodes To World: #1 In Online

Oct., 11th, 2005 – topped the
Internet charts in 2005 with more unique users on average per month worldwide
than any other website dedicated to online games according to Comscore Media
Metrix, who also showed notching up 21.7 million unique users in
August, 2005. Google’s page ranking system also ranked number one
in the world in online games from January to August, 2005. In addition, received the Webby’s people’s voice award for best game website in
2005, “The Oscar’s of the Internet” as described by The New York Times.

“It’s been an incredible year for”,
said Robert Small’s CEO. “We want to thank the tens of millions of
Miniclip users who talk about our games with their friends. Our traffic is all
by word of mouth and referrals from websites. Our users are in the top tenth
percentile of instant messaging, email, SMS and mobile phone use. They’re
exactly who advertisers want talking about their products because they really
spread the word. They helped push our ‘Heli Attack 3’ online game release to a
world record 142 million game plays in ninety days which is more viewings than
the average Hollywood movie release.”

Advertisers such as Coca Cola, Gillette, and
Starburst are currently running advergames with  and
are taking advantage of the incredible opportunities for game players to
interact with their brands. users have responded by racking up 52
million game plays for Gillette’s ‘Jet Ski’ game
making it the most successful
advergame on the Internet. Interactivity by the elusive younger demographic is
achievable on a very large scale with “We’ve built the most
expansive online game distribution network over the course of the last five
years and can guarantee an advertiser tens of millions of game plays with
unlimited upside potential for their games”, said Robert Small.

Miniclip’s popularity is backed up by the top
reporting agencies. For example, look at the younger age groups in the United
Kingdom who have grown up with both old style passive entertainment and the
newer interactive online entertainment. is the overall
entertainment destination of choice for 12-17 year olds beating out MTV Music,
EA, MSN & Yahoo’s game sites as well as IGN, all music, and all movie web sites,
and is also larger than Yahoo mail and AOL mail, according to the Nielson/NetRating’s
report on, February 8th 2005, on its own has more unique users
worldwide than EA’s entire network of 34 websites and also more users than IGN’s
network of 22 websites which recently sold for $600 million to News Corp. –
source Comscore Media Metrix, August, 2005.

“We’re in the process of building the world’s
number one brand in online entertainment and we’re well on our way there.” said
Robert Small, CEO.