Mini-Game Dispatches Players Onto A Course of Terror

September 8, 2009

Mini-Game Dispatches Players Onto
A Course of Terror

New Solo Challenge for Runes of

The curtain goes up on the ‘Course
of Terror’! The clown Malatina offers a new solo challenge for plucky
adventurers in the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, Runes of
Magic. Once per day, she will give players the opportunity to enter a
challenging, obstacle-packed dungeon. The mini-game will be added to the game in
the final content update for the full launch of ‘Chapter II – The Elven
Prophecy’, on September 15th.

The dungeon consists of a chamber
containing 45 fields, each with a seal that hides a range of different obstacles
to challenge the adventurer. Each of these demands a special tactic: For
example, ice barricades can only be overcome by using a heavy artillery piece.
Players have to use the right tools for the job during the game‘s ten minutes.
Clown ghosts constantly appear, making matters even worse for our heroes. Once
adventurers discover the field containing the key, they’ll receive rewards as
well as an entry into the next round. Special titles can also be unlocked using
‘ghost cards’, to reward players for completing the challenge.

There is also additional work in
progress on other solo challenges which will be added to Runes of Magic. “We
like to always look for ways to keep our players entertained and offer them
plenty of variety,” commented PR Manager Philipp Senkbeil. “MMO players don’t
always want to be in groups and mini-games are a perfect change from the routine
of raids.”

Additionally, there is a new in-game
video showing the ‘Course of Terror’ in action at: