Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition sales ‘doing well’

As everyone probably knows by now, the console version of Minecraft has been released on Xbox 360 today.

And while Mojang, particularly Minecraft's creator Markus 'Notch' Person, isn't allowed to reveal numbers just yet, he did hint that Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is doing "pretty…uh..well."

Of course, that's probably Notch being coy and not flat out saying, our sales numbers on Xbox 360 are KILLING IT!  We don't know for sure, since the numbers are preliminary, but judging from the success of the PC version, it's safe to assume Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is doing fairly successful on the console.

There's really no reason to assume otherwise.  With all of the successful Minecraft clones on XBLA, it's pretty inconceivable that the actual Minecraft release on Xbox 360 would result in anything less than really impressive sales numbers.

Too early to call Minecraft the fastest/best selling Xbox LIVE game in history?