Minecraft Update 1.9 Pre-Release Version 4 Now Available

It's been only a week since the release of Minecraft 1.9 Update Version 3.  That update included a simplified potion system, some new items, an enchantement table (which was a work in progress), and baby animals.

Earlier this week, Notch confirmed they would be implementing "weekly or bi-weekly" pre-release updates up until the official launch of Minecraft during MineCon in November.

Staying true to his word, Notch has just released Minecraft 1.9 Update Version 4!  What Version 4 contains has yet to be revealed, but Minecraft developer Jens Bergensten did announced, "PS. @notch's dragon is not available yet! =)".  As everyone knows by now, Notch has been hard at work bringing dragons to Minecraft.  Known as Enderdragons, don't expect to see any of them or "The End" dimension Notch has supposedly been working on.

One possible feature new in 1.9 Update Version 4 could be the addition of Lunar cycles.  Earlier today, Notch tweeted eight phases of moon.  Adding cycles of the moon allows players to keep track of the passage of time in Minecraft via the Lunar caldendar.

Version 3 of the 1.9 Update introduced Item Enchantments, thought it was described as a work of progress.  A few days ago Jens updated us on the progress of item enchantements via Twitter, "Enchantments are 'done' for the time being. Now on to why there are so many bad potions… *dun dun dun*"  Item enchantments should have some sort of effect aside from a glossy look.

I'm assuming, the potion brewing system has gotten some kind of change.  Jens has been hard at work trying to trying to figure out a potion system that works.  Hopefully he has found a solution that is introduced in this lates update.

Also be on the lookout for more of those "goop" portals that could possibly lead to "The End" dimension.  Knowing Notch, he has some sort of sneaky surprise waiting for us in the update.

Be sure to let us know if you encounter anything cool in the 1.9 Update Version 4.