Minecraft Update 1.9 Pre-Release Version 3 Now Available

Notch made true of his word yesterday and released another Minecraft Update 1.9 pre-release today.  Now on version 3 of the 1.9 pre-release, this newest update includes a simplified potion system, some new items, an enchantement table (which is a work in progress), and baby animals.

Jens Bergensten has made it clear that the potion brewing system he's been working on has been quite a challenge.  A few days ago he tweeted, "Not even a new GUI could save the potion brewing system. The problem was that similar-looking potions could have different "hidden" ingredients, so they couldn't stack. Very confusing!"

It looks like this update will address the potion brewing issues, and a newer, more simplified brewing system will be in place.

In addition to some new items, this update will also introduce an enchantment table (which is currently a work in progress).  This should allow players to successfully enchant their items.  Throughout the week, Notch has leaked details about the enchantment system, including posting screenshots of how it will look.

We know that items are enchanted through an enchantment table, which will most likely be crafted using diamonds, cobblestone, and a book.  From what Notch has revealed, enchanting items will be totally random and will cost experience points. It seems players will open the book from the enchantment table, pick a random spell, and enchant an item.  From there, it's completely random enchantement chosen from three-tiers.

A few days ago Notch shared an enchanted armor screenshot along with a tweet that read, "just enchanted my first sword! It doesn't DO anything yet, but it works. It's all glossy now."

We can only assume that enchantments have some sort of effect in-game now, aside from just a glossy look.  Be sure to let us know what type of enchantments you've unlocked and what they do (if anything). 

Item enchantments being added comes as great news, as many feared they would be delayed due to Notch working on "something epic".  Yesterday, Notch revealed that he and Jens were working on "something epic".  He then revealed the following screenshot:

Notch then teased, "Well, that effect ended up being a LOT of work for something you will almost never see, and it doesn't even stand out that much. ;D"  From there, fans took to the forums attempting to figure out what Notch and Jens had in store for us.  It was then rumored to be some sort of "Player invisibility".  This has yet to be confirmed, but I could definitely see it being some sort of "Invisibility Potion".

Jens also announced that version 3 of the 1.9 update should see baby animals in Minecraft.

Now before you mercilessly slay baby animals you should know that "baby animals don't drop loot or xp, have a faster animation, and higher pitched sounds.  Also, they eventually grow up."  Feel free at that time to kill the animals for loot.  To create baby animals feed wheat to two adult animals.  Don't ask me how it works.  And certainly don't ask Notch.

"Don't ask me why chicken (or whatever they are) lay eggs when they breed by being fed wheat… why do they instantly give birth to live animals when fed wheat? Can't explain that! Never a miscommunication!"

Check back for further updates on the Minecraft Update 1.9 version 3 pre-release as we continue to find out more information about the latest Minecraft update.  Also, feel free to share some of the new things you encounter, whether it be enchantments, potions, or baby animals.

Let us know what neat things you find in Mineraft Update 1.9 pre-release!