Minecraft update 1.7.5 released

As promised, Mojang has released Minecraft update 1.7.5. The "relatively small" update adds mini game support on Minecraft Realms and includes several server-side performance improvements and bug fixes. Since the network protocol hasn't changed, the 1.7.5 update is compatible with 1.7.4 servers.

The update also made Minecraft Realms available in Finland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland, something Mojang was originally hoping for next week.

Looking ahead, Mojang has plans to release an update 1.7.6. This will add support for the new skin system (currently in the 1.8 snapshots) and support for name changing (not actually being able to change your name yet). The 1.7.6 update will be released some time after GDC (March 17 – March 21).