Minecraft Snapshot 12w15a released, ‘censored’ changes revealed

Mojang has released the Minecraft development snapshot for week 15, 2012 and, thanks to it being "Censored Thursday", lead developer Jens Bergensten, at the request of @Dinnerbone, has agreed to keep the changelog a secret.

That means it's up to you fans to figure out what was changed in today's update. 

There are a few things that have been confirmed:

  • Fixed 'Pick Block' behavior

    • Added method to acquire mob eggs you have selected in Creative mode using the 'pick block' key
    • Fixed getting bedrock block when selecting mobs with the 'pick block' key
    • Fixed getting items that usually drop when a block is mined, you now get the actual block
  • Individual, stackable items on the ground now become one item stack – Screenshot
  • Improved Creative inventory

    • Clicking an item with another item in the selection screen selects the new item instead of just getting rid of the old item
    • Blocks with the same id but different data/damage values don't stack anymore
    • Spawn-Eggs now spawn baby mobs
    • Right clicking behaves like a regular click

You can get the snapshot here:

If you discover any new changes in today's 12w15a snapshot let us know in the comments below!