Minecraft Snapshot 12w08a released with new up-side-down stairs

Developers Jens and Jon have released the Minecraft weekly snapshot 12w08a today.  The new update is a little bit smaller than previous snapshots due to them being "a little bit busy with the LEGO trip and Mojam". 

But even with their busy schedules, they managed to pack quite a few useful features in the Minecraft 12w08a update.  Below is the list of changes in today's patch.

  • Added a defense mob to villages
  • Added up-side-down stairs
  • Many changes to the world and lighting system

According to Jens, up-side-down stairs are the same block as the normal stairs, but flipped when you place them on the bottom fo another.  Unfortunately, we'll have to to wait a little bit longer before we see up-side-down half-slabs as Jon revealed "it's more complicated than up-side-down stairs."

You can download the 12w08a Snapshot below:

Client: http://assets.minecraft.net/12w08a/minecraft.jar
Server: http://assets.minecraft.net/12w08a/minecraft_server.jar

Minecraft lead developer Jens Bergensten said next week will primarily be focused on bug-fixing for a "possible" 1.2 release.