Minecraft’s Sun and Moon Square Again

You are a robot that has fallen down into a deep, deep cave. Make your way out by reaching the exit in each level by platforming your way around a plethora of obstacles. Use the Arrow keys to move. Press X to jump.

Back in October, Markus 'Notch' Persson shocked the Minecraft community when he announced that the sun and the moon were going to be round! *gasp* How could Notch add circular objects in a world filled with edges!?

Luckily, he has come to his senses and announced via Twitter, "The sun and the moon are square again. Yep. :D" He then tweeted a picture of what it looks like. Ah, consistency at it's finest.

Now that is the moon I want to see.  Judging from fans reaction, the rest of the Minecraft community does too.