Minecraft PS4 and Xbox One draw-distance increase may disappoint you

It’s no grand secret that Minecraft will be bigger and better thanks to the added horsepower of next-gen systems. What’s more surprising is how little difference the generational jump has made for the game’s ability to display the world, particularly in the PS4’s case.

Developer 4J studios released the comparison shots below via Twitter just yesterday, showing the difference in draw-distance between the last- and current-gen versions of the game. Despite a massive hardware gap, the jump from PS3 to PS4 has yielded only a slight increase in visibility, though the Xbox One version has made larger improvements to its predecessor.


PS3 (left) vs. PS4 (right)


Xbox 360 (left) vs. XOne (right)

Of course, the game will undoubtedly play smoother—ideally with more reliable multiplayer and chunk loading—on newer systems, but it’s clear that players looking for the best and biggest worlds will still want to stick with PC.