Minecraft Pre-Release 11w48a Now Available

New lead developer Jens Bergensten released the weekly MInecraft snapshot last night, pre-release 11w48a.  The pre-release contains a "few bug fixes and changes to farmland trampling and void fog in creative mode," according to Bergensten.

Be cautious when downloading it however, as some hav ereported losing all of their plantations with the new farmland system.  "After the rain, all my farmland reverted to dirt and all the seeds were out," explained one player.

"Blocks at random in the farm will act like cacti, and not allow any other crops to be placed around them, or they pop off," explained another.

When an entity falls/jumps on it, it reverts back to dirt.  Jens was quick to notice the bug and said it will be fixed in the next snapshot.

Pre-release 11w48a can be found here.

Last week, the minecraft_server.jar was updated to 1.0.1 which fixed the login key problem and null pointer exception.  According to Jens, they will "try to get one 'pre-release' out every week, regardless if it's stable or not."

These new "snapshots", or pre-releases, are similar to how Minecraft 1.9 had several pre-releases.  "These will build up to official releases once they feel stable and add useful features," explained Jens.

Notch recently informed Minecraft fans that Jens Bergensten will now be lead developer on Minecraft, but that he will continue helping out with Minecraft and "work on some new project."