Minecraft: Pocket Edition sells over 10 million copies

Minecraft: Pocket Edition, the mobile version of Mojang's hit PC adventure, has sold over 10 million copies. The milestone was reached on Sunday, according to Daniel Kaplan who made the announcement today via a blog post on the company website.

"We are very thankful to all the support that we have gotten and people playing and talking about our game," he said. The latest sales figure now puts Minecraft: Pocket Edition within striking distance, if not past that, of Minecraft on PC which currently sits at 10,314,989. That would depend on how many copies were sold between yesterday and today. Either way, it's quite a feat for the game which launched back in October 2011

As far as other platforms, Minecraft on PC passed the 10 million mark earlier this month. A week before, Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition surpassed 6 million units sold. The bulk of today's post, however, was information about the future of Minecraft: Pocket Edition

"We have been working hard on restructuring the backend of a lot of things for Minecraft – Pocket Edition to make future updates smoother," Kaplan detailed. You will now be able to change options without jumping back to the main menu, for instance. The team is also working on incorporating more menus with experimental titles as placeholders for future features on more high end devices. 

Mojang is hoping to have an update out at the end of May, but "hopes" they don't run into any nasty bugs. Minecraft: Pocket Edition is currently available for iOS and Android devices for $6.99.