Minecraft – Pocket Edition Now Available for Android Phones

After a "nasty bug" led to a delayed release, Minecraft – Pocket Edition is now available worldwide for Android 2.2+ phones.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition allows fans to create worlds on the go.  With customized touch controls and all the core creative aspects in Minecraft, the Pocket Edition gives you the ability to create masterpieces on your phone.  Whether your traveling, hanging with friends, waiting in line waiting to get into the MineCon Convention, or just looking to kill time in class, the Minecraft Pocket Edition allows you to enjoy your favorite game anywhere.

The initial release of Minecraft – Pocket Edition focuses on the creative aspects of Minecraft to make sure that the core experience works great on the phone.  Pocket Edition gives players randomized worlds and 36 different kinds of blocks to build anything you can imagine.  After inviting friends to play in your world, you can also save the world to your phone.

Mojang plans "to continue developing the Pocket Edition for a long time with frequent updates" and is"looking forward to engaging in further discussions with the community as we take the next step for the Pocket Edition."

Mincraft – Pocket Edition is currently available for $6.99 at the Android Marketplace.