Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition Will Run at 60FPS with “Medium” World Size With Wii U World Transfers

As if we needed more reasons to get a Switch

Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition has some new performance news that's really exciting. The new edition of the game will run at 60FPS in portable mode and the world size is "medium" compared to the PS4 and Xbox One versions. Even more, Mojang is working on Wii U world transfers.

What's really satisfying is that 60FPS in portable mode. Comparably, the Vita version of Minecraft only runs at around 20-25FPS. According to Microsoft, developing on the Switch has been rather easy, and the game will be updated to Minecraft's January update when it's released on May 11. Soon after release, the game will be updated to more recent updates.

This news was revealed on a live stream, which incidentally had some technical issues. However, the footage can still be seen here:

[Via WCCFTech]