‘Minecraft killer’ MyDream launches Kickstarter campaign

It's not every day a game claims to be a "Minecraft killer," but that's exactly what MyDream is doing. The new incredibly ambitious PC game is looking to take 3D multiplayer sandbox gaming to the next level by giving players the freedom to create, learn and dream.

Currently in beta, MyDream is seeking the funding needed to complete development through a Kickstarter campaign.

"MyDream is an expansive world of community-built adventure, abundance, and creativity. Its completely modifiable environment is powered by our advanced voxel terrain engine. Part geocaching, part MMORPG, and part user generated builder game, players will experience a new game with every login," its description reads.

"MyDream does not follow the playbook of traditional open-world RPG’s. There is no main quest or evil power to defeat. You gain experience based on what you achieve and what you add back to the gaming environment. Your reputation is built on completing quests, setting quests and the help you give others. "

It's a game designed to promote "adventure, creation, and cooperation" without the "aggro-negativity" commonly found in today's games. Players are limited only by their imaginations.

Ditching the nature of traditional open-world RPGs, there are no main quests or evil powers to defeat. Experience is gained based on what you achieve and what you add back to the environment. "Unlike so many other games, where hoarding, looting and gaining power are your means to victory, MyDream is an open, crafting world where users are rewarded on their adventure, creativity and cooperation skills."

So how does gameplay and leveling work? The three main "reward tracks" in which you can level-up in, at your own pace, are exploration, creation, and cooperation. MyDream will have a number of adventures readily available for you to partake in, created by the community. Exploration question involves finding a clue, following the clues, and finding the stash.

Another way to level is through creating your own quests, buildings and environments. Your XP level will increase based on the mix of "complexity and beauty" of your own structures and other players rating your creations.

Lastly, MyDream will have a leveling system based on helping others. "We would like to eliminate hating, griefing, and other forms of abuse that run rampant in other MMO's," the development team says. "By creating a reputation system that promotes cooperative team play and honest rating of others, we assure a self-policing positive environment for all."

Am I the only one who finds it funny that a game based on cooperation and getting along with others is also aiming to be the "killer" of another game? 

MyDream is currently seeking $100,000 in funding to complete development. Backing the game will get you immediate access to the closed beta. Check out the game's Kickstarter page here.