Minecraft fans replicate Nintendo’s Punch Out!

I'm less impressed than annoyed with the YouTube channel minecrafta2z, who have pretty much proven they're little more than a one trick pony at this point. Yes, it was kind of cool when you guys replicated a game of Tetris in Minecraft, painstakingly animating the sequence brick by brick. Then you did Zelda, okay, pretty cool. Then Mario… and now Punch Out!!


Listen guys, replicating a piece of pixel art doesn't really require much skill, just an abundance of free time. This was kind of interesting the first few times around, but now it's just… kind of pathetic to be honest, and it's kind of annoying to see these guys spotlighted time and time again when it's really just the same old thing. 

Anyhow, I'm posting this as news so I'm obviously part of the problem as well, but seriously guys. Knock it off already.