Minecraft “Code Freeze” Begins Today

Minecraft is roughly one month away from it's official launch, and game creator Markus 'Notch' Persson reminded us all that the looming "code freeze" deadline has arrived. 

Notch announced on his Twitter earlier today, "Feature freeze!" which signals the implementation of the code freeze and the end of all pre-release updates to Minecraft, at least until the full game releases.  Up until now, Notch has been working hard trying to push out as many new features as possible, releasing pre-release version 4 of Update 1.9.  The latest updates introduced item enchantments, potion brewing, moon phases, Endermen, and most recently "The End" dimension which is home to the Endermen and the feared Enderdragons.

Apparently, the Update 1.9 version 4 introduced a "boss fight" which could be considered "the end" of the game.  Notch confirmed that "The boss fight is technically in the game.  The fact that it sucks can be considered a bug, right?"  The boss fight Notch is referring to could have something to do with players "winning", or beating Minecraft.  This past weekend Notch took to Twitter, asking fans "who wants to write a silly over-the-top out-of-nowhere text for when you win Minecraft?" Of course, no one knows if he was serious about this, or if you really can beat Minecraft.  After all, it was only last week when Minecraft developer Jens Bergensten declared, "The exit from the End is the end 😉 And then you respawn…" As with all adventures though, an end must come…but then you can start a new one.

With the code freeze, Notch and his team have frozen all development on new features for Minecraft, leaving it "somewhere in between a finished Adventure Mode update and a version of the game we’d be proud to call just “Minecraft”. Not “Minecraft Beta” or “Minecraft Alpha”, but just plain and simple 'Minecraft'."

Now, Notch and the rest of the team will spend the next month debugging and working out all of the kinks in Minecraft before the official launch of the game during MineCon on November 18.  That gives Mojang exactly one month to get Minecraft into a state where they are comfortable dropping the "Beta" tag.

Notch already sounds pretty busy, "Now one month of polish and bug fixed and performance tweaks and optimazations."  At least he doesn't have the Scrolls trademark case to worry about anymore.  It was announced earlier today that Mojang won the interim injunction against Bethesda/ZeniMax.

Minecraft fans will be gathering next month at the MineCon convention where the full version of Minecraft will be made available, hopefully with the official 1.9 Update already included.

Are you excited for the official release of Minecraft?