Minecraft 1.0 to Debut Next Week at MineCon


Though thousands are already playing Minecraft, the game has technically been in Beta this entire time, with Notch and his team at Mojang packing in more and more features as they built toward a final release. Thankfully, it seems they may finally be satisfied with their work, with the full version of Minecraft slated for release sometime next week, to coincide with MineCon: the first ever Minecraft convention.

With the game out of Beta, Notch is wondering how the review scores will look, and hopes the game will be reviewed favorably. He writes on his blog:

"It’s a bit weird, but gaming scores have become so big and bloated, I can’t help but feel like I would be disappointed with a score that would be a great score for something like a movie or a music album. And even if the score means relatively little compared to the players and the awards, it’s a distinct number people will use to compare the game to other games."

It's strange to think that the lead designer behind a game with such community would care what us petty journalists think. That being said, look for GameZone's full review of MineCraft 1.0 later this month.