Minecraft 1.0 Release Candidate Could Debut Tomorrow, Possibly Monday

Minecraft 1.0 could be coming sooner rather than later.  Originally slated as the "full" version of the game being released on 11/11, the official release was pushed back to November 18th to coincide with MineCon – a convention dedicated to all things Minecraft.

With that convention was supposed to come the official unveiling of Minecraft with all of the updates and fixes the development team has been working on this past month.  As it turns out, Notch is thinking about doing ANOTHER pre-release.  This time, it won't be a 1.9 Update, but a "release candidate for Minecraft 1.0", or an early version of what we can expect from MineCon.

Notch tweeted several hours ago, "I think we should do a release candidate for Minecraft 1.0 soon.  Like tomorrow, or possibly monday."

To clear up any misunderstanding, Notch clarified his statement to a fan.  "We will do a "release candidate" soon, then release the next full version on the 18th." 

Either way, look forward to another pre-release tomorrow (Friday) or Monday.

While neither Notch nor Jens clarified what Minecraft 1.0 will contain, we can assume it will be as close to the release version as possible with many of the fixes already in place.  Jens has been keeping us updated via Twitter and the Minecraft wiki where he has constantly updated what bugs have been fixed.

In the meantime, HAT Films has released an Oifficial MineCon Trailer with over 300 viewers, The Yogscast, and Ephixa all involved in it.  MineCon is set to take place November 18th and 19th in Las Vegas where we will see the official release of Minecraft.