Minecon 2013 headed to Orlando, Florida

Creeper's will soon be invading the home of Mickey Mouse, as Mojang announced yesterday that Minecon 2013 — the annual Minecraft — will be held in Orlando, Florida. After taking a trip overseas and celebrating Minecon 2012 in Disneyland Paris, it seems Mojang is keen on bringing the convention to the happiest place on Earth.

Mojang didn't specifically mention Disney World as the location, but given that last year was held in Disneyland, Mojang could have an affinity for Mickey and Co. Of course, it's worth mentioning that Orlando is also home to the Orange County Convention Center, the second largest convention center in the United States. Given that Minecon is one of the hottest conventions, more room is obviously better.

Mojang has said that more details will be released soon, so until then…