Mike Tyson returns to the ring in WWE 13

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is returning to the ring, but it may not be the one you're accustomed to seeing him in. The legendary boxer turned ear-biter turned Hollywood star is now coming to video game consoles everywhere as a pre-order bonus for WWE '13.

Before you shout absurdities, it should be known that Tyson actually has a long history with the WWE. In 1998, after the Holyfield ear-biting bonanza, Tyson showed up on WWE's Monday Night Raw show as "the baddest man on the planet" where he confronted Stone Cold Steve Austin, a regular WWE badass himself. Tyson appeared to align himself with D-Generation X, only to turn on them at WrestleMania XIV leading to Shawn Michaels being defeated by Steve Austin. It was a great time for wrestling which has seemingly gone down hill since those glory days. And it could be why THQ is looking to Tyson to help with WWE '13.

Outside of wrestling, Tyson has had his own share of out-of-the-ring problems including rape convictions and harassment, but has seemingly led a more mellower lifestyle since his 2005 retirement from boxing – at least by his previous standards. Tyson is still in the spotlight thanks to Hollywood and his cameo in The Hangover which seemed to transform Tyson from a monster into a more loveable figure. We've since seen the softer side of Tyson who enjoys "singing", though I think we can debate if what he does is actually worthy of being called that.

It'll definitely be interesting to see his move set. I just can't picture him high-flying from the ropes. Maybe his signature finishing move will be an ear chomp.

It may be goofy to have Tyson in WWE '13, but for those of us who enjoyed the WWE back in the late-90s, it's a nice blast from the past. Tyson will don a D-Generation X shirt with black cargo pants and black boots; this was also before his face tattoo.