Miguel Cabrera is getting better, and MLB 14: The Show is getting weirder

What the f*ck did I just watch? Last week, Sony, with the help of Andrew McCutchen, kicked off its "Baseball is better" campaign for MLB 14: The Show. It's basically a glorified sponsorship by some of baseball's biggest stars as they try and persuade you to purchase MLB 14: The Show — not that you need much persuading; MLB 14: The Show is the only legitimate baseball simulator offered this year.

Anyway, Sony's latest commercial stars Detroit Tigers third baseman Miguel Cabrera in some sort of weird fitness infomercial about "getting better."

Miguel Cabrera is pretty good. At 30 years old, he's already won a World Series, a Triple Crown, 2 AL MVPs, 3 Batting Titles, and 2 RBI Titles. He's an 8 time All Star, 5 time Silver Slugger, and a 2 time Home Run Champion. Yes, Miguel Cabrera is pretty good. But he's getting better this year, and he wants to help you get better too. Because Baseball is Better.

MLB 14: The Show is due out on April 1 for PS3 and Vita. It's coming to PS4 a month later on May 6.