Mighty No. 9 delayed until next year

The Mega Man successor gets pushed back into 2016.

Keiji Inafune's much anticipated Mega Man spiritual successor just got hit with another launch delay, this time until 2016. Previously, the game had been bumped from an expected April release to a September launch instead. 

While both Deep Silver and Comcept are remaining mum on the topic, retailers are busy readjusting their pre-order schedules and applying a generic placeholder date for late next year. 

The news comes in the final days of another, far less successful, Kickstarter campaign project by Comcept for Red Ash. Set to be a successor to the Mega Man Legends series, this second effort has been embroiled in issues ranging from communication of just what they’re trying to finance to backers dropping off in the wake of news that a Chinese company, Fuze, would be funding and publishing the game.

No word on when Mighty No. 9’s new release date will be, but chances are, we’re in for a wait.