Might and Magic is laying it on heavy with Duels, Raiders and Heroes

Don't have enough Might and Magic in your life? Hey, relax, Ubisoft hears you. During their Press Conference at Gamescom 2012, Ubisoft unveiled not one, not two, but three different games set in the Might and Magic universe.

Might & Magic Duel of Champions will be online card game, much like Magic the Gathering or Duel of the Planeswalkers, but of course based on lore from the M&M series. It will be a competitive card game that will be available on both PC and iPad and will support cross-platform play between the two as well.

Much hasn't been revealed about Might & Magic Raiders except from what can be found on the official site.

Set in the Might & Magic universe, Might & Magic Raiders (aka MMR) is a fast-paced Action/RPG game which will allow you to embody 4 different classes, each one having their own characteristics and abilities.

You will be able to team-up with up to 3 of your friends in order to defeat dangerous demons & impressive Bosses!

You will be fully in charge of your character progression, deciding the skills, abilities, weapons, and armors… according to the way you want to play!

Lastly, Might & Magic Heroes Online will take that classic M&M, grid based combat formula, and put it in an online environment. It will be playable in your browser.

The kicker to all of these? They're all F2P. Looks like Ubisoft is really on board the F2P train.