Midway’s future lineup looks promising.

Midway’s future lineup looks

Midway, producer of such
over-the-top games such as NHL Hitz, Mortal Kombat, and Red Card are developing
a promising lineup scheduled for the next E3. Upcoming 2002 titles such as Dr.
Muto, Legions, and Fireblade, are a bevy of titles which scream for attention.

brings Midway back to NBA Jam roots with serious high-flying
360-spinning dunking action. This one-on-one half court basketball game promises
all of the NBA’s brightest stars windmilling, double-clutching, and reversing in
devastating fashion.

Releasing in 2003


Metal MX
is an Excitebike meets Rush racing style game. Monstrous tracks,
high-flying jumps, and hidden shortcuts accentuate the speed of this extreme
motocross racer.



Crank the Weasel looks to be
Midway’s answer to Conker’s Bad Fur Day. A rodent with a bad attitude smacks
asses, steals, and causes havoc simply because he can… and it’s incredibly




Doomsday Rescue pits all
players on a task they would never want: choosing who to save in the event of an
oncoming extinction level event. Meteors are pounding the Earth, and you are
assigned to rescue and protect the best and brightest of the planet Earth.
Problem is everyone wants to be saved. This vehicle driven action game looks to
be a huge hit when it is released.