Middle-Earth: Shadow of War’s Denuvo has unsurprisingly been cracked in a day


Denuvo is a major trigger world when it comes to PC Gaming as user reviews on Steam are often dictated by whether or not a game has it. Games like Sonic Mania got review bombed big time over Denuvo, despite the game itself being of sound quality. In the wake of these controversies, seeing how quickly Denuvo can be cracked has become something of a sport. 

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War released just yesterday, and naturally its PC version came with it, which drew the ire of a few Steam users, though not quite to the degree other games have gotten. As reported by DSO Gaming, the anti-tamper ware has already been cracked just a day after the game launched to the world. 

The purpose of Denuvo is to prevent pirates from ripping illegal copies of the game and sharing them on the internet. However, the software has gotten an unshakeable bad rap in being blamed for poor performance of PC ports as well as the unconfirmed speculation that the software can damage your SSD. 

Despite the presence of Denuvo (and its microtransactions), Shadow of War has still managed to accrue an 83% positive user rating on Steam as well as mostly positive reviews across the industry. In an age where freaking out about anything can be automatically taken as truth, it would appear that all systems are a go for Shadow of War players on PC.

[DSO Gaming]