Microsoft takes shots at Apple in latest Surface Pro ad

You move Apple.

It's no secret that the world of technology is incredibly competitive. Microsoft and Apple are constantly at odds when it comes to who has the best laptop. This time, though, Microsoft has taken it a step further and called out the MacBook Air for being pretty useless.

How does Microsoft define useless? Well, they basically said the MacBook Air was as useful as a hat for your cat. Cat hats can be pretty useful for entertainment when you're bored, but maybe Microsoft didn't think of that.

Although, Microsoft does have a point with their ad. The Surface Pro comes with a touchscreen, pen support, and detachable keyboard – things that the MacBook Air doesn't have. The girl in the trailer just keeps touching the MacBook screen like a heathen, as though she has never come across a laptop that isn't touchscreen. Come on, never, ever, touch the screen with your fingers. Those greasy finger marks are horrible.

Either way, check out the ad for yourself.