Microsoft responds to latest ‘Xbox One weaker than PS4’ rumor

Well, that didn't take long. Just a few hours or so after the latest rumor regarding Xbox One's power, or lack thereof, compared to the PS4 began spreading, Microsoft has issued a response.

“Ten years ago, you could argue that a console’s power was summed up in terms of a few of its specs, but Xbox One is designed as a powerful machine to deliver the best blockbuster games today and for the next decade," Microsoft told Kotaku in a response.

"Xbox One architecture is much more complex than what any single figure can convey. It was designed with balanced performance in mind, and we think the games we continue to show running on near-final hardware demonstrate that performance," the statement continued. "In the end, we’ll let the consoles and their games speak for themselves.”

Well, there you have it, folks. It's the typical PR response that you'd expect, but I think there's some weight in their last comment about letting the games speak for themselves. Until the consoles release, everything that is said about them is merely rumor. Until we see the games in a side-by-side comparison running on both consoles, it's all speculative. Let's just all enjoy the games.