Microsoft registers even more Xbox Gold domain names

There's something fishy going on over there at Microsoft. Earlier this week it was discovered that the company had acquired several domain names related to "Xbox Gold." Since then, Microsoft has gone on a rampage, snatching up any and every domain name having to do with Xbox Gold.

The list of new domain names registered under Microsoft, according to Fusible, include,

At this time, it's unclear exactly what Microsoft's plans are regarding Xbox Gold. Some believe it could be linked to the next-gen Xbox, referred to as the Xbox 720/Xbox Durango. Others believe it could be Microsoft simply protecting its brand. Microsoft's Xbox LIVE Gold subscription service for the Xbox 360 is often referred to as Xbox Gold. Is Microsoft planning on making a name switch for its online service as we head into the next-gen Xbox?

Interestingly enough, a clever NeoGAF user, pointed out that Microsoft's internal event for FY14 does reference "Xbox Gold & Entertainment" in its agenda.

Xbox Gold Agenda

While this could be related to the next-Xbox, I don't believe Xbox Gold will be the name of the actual console. Rather, I see it being some new or rebranded service Microsoft offers alongside it. Either way, it doesn't look like we'll have to wait long to find out though. Microsoft is rumored to unveil the next-Xbox in April. Eventcore, the same company that hosted Microsoft's Xbox E3 2012 event, has also registered the domain name ""

Do you believe Xbox Gold is related to the next Xbox?