Microsoft posts, then removes instructions for updating Xbox One without Xbox LIVE connection

Xbox One's mandatory day-one update will be downloadable via PC, without having to connect to Xbox LIVE. However, instructions on how to do so (which were previously published by Microsoft) have since been removed from the Xbox support page.

For those who managed to catch a peek when it was live, the instructions noted that you'll need a flash drive with at least 2GB of available space to transfer the firmware update from your PC to your Xbox One.

According to the directions, you'll need to first figure out your OS version. To do so, press the Xbox button to go Home, then the Menu button to select settings, then System -> Console Info. If the console is in the middle of the update, just pull both triggers and bumpters to find out the OS version labeled as "Build."

Once you know the OS version, download one of the two files listed on the Xbox Support page (again, no longer posted) and unzip the file to the root of the USB flash drive.

Next, unplug the network cable from the Xbox One if there is one connected. Make sure the Xbox One is powered off and unplugged. Wait 30 seconds before putting the power cord back in, then plug the USB flash drive into one of the USB ports on the Xbox One.

Lastly, install the update by pressing and holding the Bind and Eject buttons, and then press the Power button. The Bind and Eject buttons should be held for 10-15 seconds until the two "power-up" tones are heard seconds apart. After the second tone you may stop pressing them. Once the console starts, you can remove the USB drive. The update will be complete once the console starts again.

It's not nearly as simple as connecting your Xbox One to the internet and downloading the update throught Xbox LIVE, but for those who may not have access to the internet on Friday, at least you appear to have an alternative option. Given that Microsoft has removed the page with the instructions, these may not be final. We'll be sure to keep you updated once the Xbox One launches on Friday, November 22.